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ENG1D, Academic (Ontario)

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This zip file contains over 60 photocopy-ready worksheets and assignments in Microsoft Word, designed to meet the expectations of the course.

An unzipping utility is required to open the file.

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This set of resources could be used to meet many expectations in the course. With the addition of textbooks referred to in the course of study, this set could be comprehensive.


Paul Galpern

Ontario Ministry Course Profile

Interactive Course of Study

The units in this course of study include links to over 60 photocopy-ready resources in Microsoft Word.

Unit 1: Stories

Unit 2: Poems

Unit 3: Scripts and Plays

Unit 4: Reports, Articles, and Ads

Assessment Resources

icon Final Culminating Project (51.00 KB)

icon Final Exam Review Questions (28.50 KB)

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans were designed for use at Michikan Lake School. The download file contains the course of study and complete lesson plans in tabular form. Available in both Word and PDF.

icon Lesson Plans (177.50 KB)

icon Lesson Plans (319.66 KB)


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Note About These Materials

These resources were developed by experienced teachers for classroom use. Please feel free to modify or adapt them as necessary to meet your needs.

You will need Microsoft Word and/or Adobe Acrobat to view and print these resources. You can get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

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Permission is granted to use, alter, and reproduce these resources for use in your own classroom. To reproduce or publish them elsewhere, please contact us to request permission.



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